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Czech - Air Force – Mil Mi-24DU Hind C 6050

Company: Czech - Air Force Airport: Namest nad Oslavou (LKNA)
Type: Mil Mi-24DU Hind C Country: Czech Republic
Registration/CN: 6050/7306050 Date: May 14th, 2009
Camera: Canon EOS 40D Lens: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM
Remarks: The only one trainer-combat version Mi-24DU in Czech air force is tc. nr. 6050. Version DU is equipped with double controls and have not a board cannon. In this time was assigned to 231. lbvr (attack helicopter sq.) at 23. zVrl (helicopter AFB) Prerov, and then served in the 221 lbvr Namest decommissioning in 2013, handing over to the collections of Aviation Museum Kbely. Second helicopter version "DU" tc. nr. 6040 was delivered to Slovakia in 1992 during split of Czechoslovakia and is already preserved. walkaroud
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February 5th, 2015

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