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Poland - Air Force – Sukhoi Su-22 M-4 Fitter 3817 Czech - Air Force – Mil Mi-35 Hind  3366 Evektor - Aerotechnik – Evektor - Aerotechnik EV-55 Outback OK-DRM Baltic Bees  – Aero L-39C Albatros YL-KSL/5 Czech - Air Force – Mil Mi-171Sh Hip  9868 The Flying Bulls – North American B-25J Mitchell N6123C Lithuania - Air Force – Let L-410UVP Turbolet  02 Lithuania - Air Force – Eurocopter AS 365 N3+ Dauphin 41
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Russia - Air Force – Sukhoi Su-27 UB Flanker C 82 Switzerland - Air Force – McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet J-5011 Belgium - Air Force – SABCA F-16AM Fighting Falcon FA-104 Czech - Air Force – Saab JAS39C Gripen 9245

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